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2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible

Preowned Mini Cooper S Convertible just arrived, and hasn’t been added to the inventory yet.

The picture isn’t available yet.

It has 51,000 miles.

The Mini Coopers sell fast.

Schedule a test drive today with Kameron Lowe 614-853-3000.

If lines are busy, please call again.

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Stop Being Clowned

Get rid of your clown suit and car today!

There’s no clowning around at Bobb Says Yes, none whatsoever.

We understand the difference between going to the circus and being in the circus, although life sometimes seems like a circus.

If you’re looking for a car, don’t want to be hassled about your credit, without any clowning around, then Apply for My Car Now.

Bad credit car loans


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37th World Changing Travel Moment this post will prove to be prophetic in many instances as we approach this summer when many families will reconsider their mode of travel for their family vacation.


As many still consider the disappearance of an entire Malaysian flight without any trace after more than 30 days, it will be interesting to see how many families revert to traveling by car.


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